Are you ready to grow your dental practice? Focus on your patient care, and we'll do the rest. Complete front desk support for dentists.

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Are you ready to grow your practice?

See how hundreds of dental practices run more efficiently with Front Desk DDS. Retain a full-schedule while your in-house team focuses on patient care. Professionally-trained, dental-specific schedulers available to answer your calls 90 hours/week.


The absolute best service I have EVER paid for as a dentist. Not only was my stress immediately lifted but the customer service is 5 stars. Once I started using Front Desk DDS I was baffled why I had gone through 9 years of business without them. The Front Desk Receptionists are the best of the best. They sound like business owners themselves and conduct each call according to instructions given. Thank you Front Desk DDS for relieving hours of my time so that I can grow my practice and spend more time with my daughter!!! I will never go back.

— Dr. Bejamin Orlando, FL

I am a very satisfied customer to say the least. I lecture and keep a close eye on our industry and no one offers (and delivers!) such value to practitioners. I am a full time academic AND run a business. This is only possible because of Frontdesk DDS. Happy to provide a testimonial and keep up the good work!

— Dr. Shantanu Lal New York, NY

I have had a completely positive and professional experience with Front Desk DDS. I will not allow anyone else to handle our treatment calls. We left Front Desk for a while and hired someone locally to answer our phone, which was a mistake and our practice suffered. Front Desk DDS is always there, answers promptly and friendly, follows my scheduling instructions and calls rarely get missed.

— Patricia H. - Manager New York, NY

Front Desk DDS is like having an executive secretary at a fraction of the cost. They answer the phones in a professional manner. They are courteous to our patients. If there is any issue they fix it rite away. We do not miss calls nor do we lose new patients to an answering machine hang up. Our practice relies on someone answering the phones. Front Desk DDS schedules our patients over the phone, or forwards them to our direct line and it is done.

— Dr. Lee Miami, FL

The staff at Front Desk DDS are all professional and new patients get taken care of by getting their appointments set as well in an expedited manner. We feel that they are part of the reason we are such a big success in Texas. Keep up the great work!

— Dr. Wingfield Houston, TX

Complete Front Desk Support For Your Practice




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  • Maximize your Marketing
  • Increase your Production and Collections


Dentists in North America rely on Front Desk DDS to convert new and existing patient opportunities into production.

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